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Aftercare products

  • A gentle, mild, fragrance-free cleanser – I recommend brands like Aveeno, Cerave, Cetaphil, Dermaveen, etc.

  • A moisturising agent - the following are my recommendations

    • 100% pure unrefined coconut oil or jojoba oil

    • Hustle butter Deluxe Tattoo Aftercare

    • Inky Tattoo Salve.

Saniderm / Second Skin Bandage

If your tattoo is bandaged with a film called ‘Second Skin (Saniderm)’, you should keep it on for 24 - 72 hours or as directed. During this time, it is normal to see some excess ink and plasma under the bandage. This is especially common for tattoos that contain a lot of black pigment. However, if the liquid begins to leak from bandage, please remove it as soon as you can, and follow steps of the standard aftercare instructions listed below.

After 24 - 72 hours, remove the Second Skin bandage gently under warm running water. Ideally in the shower, carefully pulling it down by stretching from a corner along the surface of your skin, rather that ripping it off like a Band-Aid. After removing the bandage, follow steps 2-6 of the standard bandage instructions listed below.

Standard Bandage

  1. Leave bandage on for 2 hours or as directed.

  2. Always wash or sanitise your hands prior to touching your new tattoo or applying moisturiser while it is still in its healing stage. 

  3. After the bandage is removed, wash the tattoo with warm water and a gentle, mild, fragrance-free soap. Gently remove all existing plasma/excess ink with your fingertips. Do not use anything abrasive to clean your new tattoo.

  4. Air dry the tattoo or gently pat it dry with a disposable paper towel. Do not use a tissue or a face/bath towel. Apply a thin layer of any of my recommended moisturisers to hydrate your new tattoo and create a barrier to prevent infection. The key is to apply a very thin layer, just enough to cover the tattoo and surrounding skin, but do not over moisturise. It is recommend to apply twice (morning and night) daily for 1 or 2 weeks.

  5. Wash your new tattoo once a day until your tattoo is completely healed. Do not over-wash. Regular showering is fine. Do not let submerge the tattoo for an extended amount of time until it has healed - this includes baths and swimming.

  6. During the initial stage of the tattoo healing process, your tattoo may become flaky, dry and tight and appear dull until it has completely healed. If any scabs form, let them be and fall off naturally. Do not pick or scratch the area. Ensure that any clothing that comes in contact with the tattoo is clean. Cotton-based loose clothing is best and avoid tight clothes and fibres like wool that can cause infection.

Do not:

  • Do NOT use Vaseline or other petroleum jelly-based products as it is non-permeable and does not let the skin breathe.

  • Do NOT over-wash the tattoo. Regular showering is fine as long as you follow my guide on gentle washing.

  • No swimming, water sports, baths, or sauna for 2 weeks after getting tattoos.

  • Do NOT pick or scratch at the area.

  • Do NOT exercise at least for a week after getting tattoos.

  • Do NOT expose your new tattoo to direct sunlights during the first few weeks of the healing process. It is highly recommended that applying a high SPF sunscreen to the area once the tattoo has completely healed. This will help to ensure longevity of your tattoo.

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