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Zen Wonders

A logo I designed for Zen Wonders, a Melbourne-based tea specialist who imports premium matcha from Japan. Visually inspired by Uji’s luxurious green tea fields, this logo is a hybrid of modern-day living and traditional Japanese aesthetics. 

The minimal, clean packaging lets Zen Wonders’ high-quality tea speak for itself. Each blend was assigned its own distinctive colour, giving personality to each product and making the varying grades more easily identifiable for the buyers. This convenient, single label design works well across tins, jars and pouches of multiple sizes. 

An illustration of tea brewing instruments, made into a Thank You card, adding a personal touch to each online order posted out to customers.

Ginger and Co

A hand-lettered logo for Ginger & Co, Melbourne-based makers of unique superfood blends. This logo is simple, bold and honest in its delivery, in line with Ginger and Co’s passion for using natural and wholesome ingredients. The letterforms are playful and irregular with a wabi-sabi quality, reflecting Ginger & Co’s “all-natural” philosophy. 

Lettering applied to Ginger and Co’s product labels, packaging and merchandises. 

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